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About charterability

CharterAbility is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to providing accessible recreational boating at no cost to people of all ages who are deprived of the opportunity by virtue of their physical limitations or personal circumstances.

Our dock on 16-Mile Creek adjoins Busby Park and is fully accessible, as are the on-site washrooms and the pontoon boats that transport our guests on a forty-minute voyage of discovery into a wild life sanctuary right in the heart of downtown Oakville. All trips are provided FREE of charge thanks to the donations that we receive and the dedication of the volunteers who crew the boat.

Every year CharterAbility takes several thousand guests for an experience that they might never have otherwise. We are committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities, and those disadvantaged, by enabling them to spend time on the water, in safety and with dignity, relaxing in the company of their friends, families and companions.

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