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History of


CharterAbility's Launch Crew: 2003

Creativity and output have never been higher than during CharterAbility’s first six months which saw the inaugural meeting in July, the first cruise in September, incorporation in October and a submission for funding to the Ontario Trillium Foundation in November. An incredible amount of work was accomplished by the enthusiastic band of seven pioneers pictured below.


Clockwise from left to right: Laurie Campbell (inset), Tom Redpath, Alan Tonge, Eric Rogers, Deborah Dennison, Dion Sceats, Stephen Cull

Special thanks are due to Captain Eric Rogers for making the Wayward Princess available for our fundraising cruises, to Deborah Dennison for coming up with the name, “Cruise for a Cause”, and to Tom Redpath for creating the original newsletter that went on to become our website.

Stephen, Eric, Dion and Alan formed CharterAbility’s first board of directors. Since then we have welcomed others aboard including Julie Dean, Hasnain Moledina, Katie Hrycun, Melissa Vassallo, and the late Fred Oliver who served the Town of Oakville for many years as Chief of Police and Regional Councillor. We are indebted to them all.

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