Book a trip

How to Book a Trip

To book a trip please send an email to or phone 905-844-7208.


Please provide the date, time, and number of passengers for your requested trip. 

​All trips must be confirmed as booked by CharterAbility before the scheduled date. Normally, our boats will accommodate up to 8 people, depending on the number and size of wheelchairs on board. For the time being, however, and as per Town and Provincial guidelines for COVID-19, the number of passengers will be restricted to five for any one trip.


Preparing for Your Trip 


To make your trip as safe and pleasant as possible we would like you to review the following information prior to the date of your trip:

  • We are following Town & Provincial guidelines / protocols for COVID-19

  • Our dock address is 128 Water Street in Downtown Oakville, FREE Parking under the Rebecca Street Bridge, follow the BLUE CharterAbility <----- Road Sign.

  • Accessible Washroom Facilities are available at the dock.

  • Please contact us at 24 hours prior to your arrival to confirm weather. If your trip must be cancelled please let us know as soon as possible using the above email address. Please phone (905) 844-7208 for last minute cancellations

  • Guests should dress appropriately for the weather bringing jackets, sunglasses, sunscreen, drinking water, appropriate shoes, sun hat, umbrella and a blanket if necessary. 

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your departure time and refrain from approaching the dock/boat until called by your Volunteer Captain or Crew.

  • Each boat has a loading capacity and the designated Volunteer Captain has the responsibility of loading and distributing the weight on the boat prior to departure. Please follow his/her instructions for seating.

  • Please remain seated at all times during the cruise and follow the Volunteer Captain's instructions at all times. Do not stand until the boat is secured at the end of the trip.

  • After your trip is complete, please disembark from the boat when given the okay by the Volunteer Captain. We hope you have an enjoyable cruise on 16 Mile Creek.

  • Pack a snack, lunch and water, to enjoy at the picnic area around Busby Park adjacent to our dock.


Our operation is run entirely by volunteers. Our funding is from community donations,
government grants, corporate sponsors and fundraising events.

Your support of CharterAbility is greatly appreciated.