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Our operation is funded entirely by community donations, government grants, corporate sponsors and fundraising events. Your support of CharterAbility is greatly appreciated. 


If you would like to donate to CharterAbility , please consider the following three options:


  • There are sealed envelopes available on each boat to provide an opportunity for you to donate to the charity. Please provide your name and address, so that a charitable tax receipt can be mailed to you.  The envelope should be given to the Captain to be forwarded to the Treasurer.

  • A donation can be sent to our office. Please mail to the address noted below. Ensure you provide your name and address so a charitable tax receipt can be mailed to you. 


1515 Rebecca Street

PO Box 60024

Oakville, Ontario

L6L 6R4​



Thank you for your kind support and we look forward to seeing you on our boats.  

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